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Thursday, August 24, 2006



You might think the people above, and the passing motorists who respond to the entreaty to "Honk for Peace," are law-abiding citizens exercising their right to peaceful protest. You'd be wrong:

Last month, two protesters -- Victor Kittila, 55, of Eastpointe and Nancy Goedert, 73, of Ferndale -- were charged with disorderly conduct and inciting motorists to honk. Their cases, which are before 43rd District Judge Joseph Longo in Ferndale, were rescheduled from Tuesday to 1 p.m. Sept. 26.

That same month a third person, Joe Plambeck, 27, of Ferndale, was ticketed for tooting his car horn in response to the protesters.

Plambeck, who faces a $110 fine if convicted, appeared for a hearing in 43rd District Court Wednesday and is scheduled to return on Sept. 26.
(To clarify, the picture was taken at a different protest, not the one in which the protesters have been charged.)

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