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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Israeli forces on the Litani?

Three days ago, Israel used helicopters to ferry a few hundred commandos north so they could claim they had "reached the Litani," and the armchair generals (ex-generals and others) on TV were busy telling us how Israel was then going to sweep southward as they withdrew back to Israel, destroying the remaining Hizbollah forces on the way. Sure they were. Anyway, now I've been searching for any evidence that Israeli forces still remain on the Litani, as they were allegedly going to do until that "robust international force" arrived. I can't find any. No surprise, since even the Israeli forces in southern Lebanon are busy fleeing, long before any such "robust force" (or even any completely powerless force like the Lebanese Army) has appeared to take their place.

Update: Billmon points to a related development:

Overnight, IDF troops left the southern Christian town of Marj Ayoun, Lebanese security sources said. They also left the nearby town of Qlaiah and the village of Ghandouriyeh, scene of ferocious battles over the weekend. (Source)
As Billmon notes, "It cost the IDF almost 30 KIA and 40-50 wounded to take those two villages, and now they've given them back."

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