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Friday, August 04, 2006


Israeli baby-killers

How curious that this aspect of the Israeli raid on Baalbeck hasn't been reported in the American media:
29-year-old mechanic [Mohammed Salloum] was driving to another hospital on Tuesday night with his wife Nisrine, who was 34 weeks pregnant and suffering contractions. Their 18-month-old daughter, Nour, was also in the car.

Nisrine was killed by fire from a helicopter gunship. Her unborn son was blasted from her womb and died beside her on the road.
A Lebanese writer on CounterPunch has an even more detailed, and gruesome, version of the story:
Inside the car that rushed out of the hospital area and that was chased and filmed by the Israelis were a man and his wife, eight-months pregnant. The first rocket hit the back of the car. The two passengers leave the car screaming for help. The helicopter makes a U-turn and shoots again. The man manages to escape, the woman doesn't. A little bit later, the neighbors rush to the car and find her dead, with an exploded belly and the fetus projected outside.
Think this will turn George Bush and his right-wing fetus-worshipping friends against the Israelis? Nah, me neither.

Incidentally, there's a lot more interesting information in the first linked article, which is written by a reporter for The Australian who visited the scene. First, the totally predictable outcome:

Members of Nisrine's large extended family say her death has turned them and their neighbours into passionate and permanent haters of Israel, filled with the sort of venom that is likely to poison generations to come.

"We all support Hezbollah but until now none of my relatives is a member, let alone a fighting member," said her 21-year-old cousin Mohammed, home on holidays from his studies in France.

"How do you think we will all respond now?"
And second, as you may have heard Israel is excusing this particular atrocity on the grounds that this wasn't a hospital at all, but a Hizbollah headquarters, and claiming that the fact that the hospital was empty is proof of that assertion. It was, but not because it isn't a hospital:
Dar al-Hekma hospital [is] an Iranian-funded facility that had sent its patients to other hospitals at the start of the conflict for fear that it would be bombed because of its Iranian connections.

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