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Sunday, August 13, 2006


Irony (or is it chutzpah?)

Ha'aretz reports:
Israel Air Force jets dropped leaflets over Beirut on Saturday with leaflets urging residents to "shake the destroyers of Lebanon off your shoulders," referring to Hezbollah.
When you have to explain who it is is meant by "the destroyers of Lebanon"...it's not a good sign.

And the side which, according to the leaflet are not the destroyers of Lebanon? The same article sums up some of that "non-destruction" that occured just yesterday:

AF strikes and IDF ground attacks continued on Saturday, with missiles and artillery killing at least 19 people across Lebanon, mostly in the south.

The deadliest attack was on homes in the village of Rashef, some 7 kilometers (4 miles) from the Israeli border, where at least 15 civilians were killed, security officials said.

An IAF strike destroyed a road leading to the only remaining border crossing to Syria - Arida, on the northern coast - severing the last escape route for besieged Lebanese and for humanitarian aid entering the country.

IAF jets targeted the highway linking Arida with the northern city of Tripoli, at a point about 8 kilometers (5 miles) from the border, officials said. The crossing remained open, but the road leading to it was impassable, and vehicles were spotted driving off-road through ditches early Saturday.

A separate raid destroyed a bridge linking the southern cities of Tyre and Nabatiyeh with Sidon.

Shrapnel from missiles fired on the village of Insariyeh, halfway between Sidon and Tyre, hit a vehicle carrying Lebanese journalists working for a Swedish television channel, and one of them was wounded, security officials said.

IAF jets struck an apartment buildings that house a Hezbollah charity organization in the heart of the eastern city of Baalbek, wounding three people. Another four people were injured in an airstrike on a house west of Baalbek, officials said.

Electricity was out in Tyre and Sidon, after IAF jets struck transformers at power plants in both coastal cities. An official at the power plan in Sidon, George Makhoul, said it could be 10 days before power was restored.
And the side which is allegedly "destroying the country"? What did they do yesterday? Killed 24 of the invaders, that's all. Precisely the kind of "destruction" that Lebanon could use more of.

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