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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Holocaust denial?

Nearly every day, I hear some newscaster or pundit asserting that Iranian President Ahmadinejad has "denied" the Holocaust, although all he ever said is that "If the Holocaust occured, it occured in Europe, and the Palestinians shouldn't be the ones to pay the price for it" (paraphrasing, and by the way, although that aspect of what he has said is quite valid, much of what he has had to say on the subject is quite inane and inexcusable).

Today, on Democracy Now!, here's what Israel's Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations Daniel Carmon had to say about the "holocaust in miniature" (borrowing from Lt. Gen. Robert Fry) that just took place in Lebanon:

"If those figures are true and the number of civilians is as you have described, this is something that really has to be checked. And if we already have said -- and this is something that is in line with what even my predecessor in this program has said, we cannot for sure prove that all the civilians in southern Lebanon were purely innocent civilian."
I'll be waiting for any of those newscasters to describe Ambassador Carmon as a "denier" of the massacre that occured in Lebanon.

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