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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Dueling headlines

Here's the big news that was all over the TV yesterday and the papers today:
Israelis Authorize Expansion Of Combat
But now there's a been a minor update:
Israel stopping offensive until weekend
Gee, I wonder why? Here's what they say:
Israel will hold back on its new ground offensive in Lebanon until the weekend to give cease-fire efforts another chance, senior officials said Thursday, a day after the government approved a major expansion of the monthlong war.
Oh please. The 15 Israeli soldiers killed and 25 wounded during their first day of that "major expansion" had nothing to do with this alleged (we'll believe it when we see it) pause. Right. Because we've all seen how much the Israelis really want nothing more than a ceasefire. Well, actually, they do. Just as long as it's a "ceasefire" which accomplishes all their military aims, using the U.N. Security Council rather than their own cannon fodder to accomplish the task.

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