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Monday, July 17, 2006


War crimes update

The latest figures:
Israeli air strikes killed 42 people across Lebanon on Monday, including 10 civilians hit on a southern bridge, on the sixth day of a bombardment that has wreaked the heaviest destruction in Lebanon for over 20 years.

Rescuers also pulled nine bodies from the wreckage of a building in the southern city of Tire that was bombed on Sunday, raising the death toll since Israel's offensive to 204, all but 14 of them civilian.

Twenty-four Israelis have been killed in the fighting, including 12 civilians hit in rocket attacks.
Take note: Israeli is largely firing precision or semi-precision weaponry from close distances. 93% of the people they have killed with that precision weaponry have been civilians. Hizbollah is mostly firing highly inaccurate rockets (aside from the initial attacks), yet a full 50% of the people they have killed have been Israeli soldiers.

Update: The report above doesn't illustrate this point, but I have now heard news reports from two different stations which carried the news in this identical way: reporting that 42 Lebanese were killed today and then in the next sentence mentioning the total Israeli fatalities (24) from multiple days, skipping over the total of Lebanese fatalities.

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