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Sunday, July 23, 2006


Saddam Hussein on a feeding tube

Saddam Hussein is on the 17th day of a hunger strike and has just been taken to a hospital and put on a feeding tube. I remember when people were making fun of him because it was reported that his hunger strike had lasted for exactly one meal. But the reason I'm posting this isn't that, and isn't to report news which most of you will have heard or will hear. It's to point out the negative - that you (or I) haven't heard a word about this for the last two weeks. Which is an indication of just how much is going on in Iraq and Lebanon and Gaza and elsewhere, so much so that the fact that Saddam Hussein had been on a hunger strike for a week, or for 10 days, or for 14 days, wasn't even significant enough to make the news. And with 100 people a day being killed in Iraq, 50 or more a day in Lebanon, a dozen or so a day in Gaza, and a small number of Israelis, I don't even intend this as a criticism of the media, not a major one anyway.

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