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Friday, July 07, 2006


A rare break in the news dam

Here's an excerpt from Steven Erlanger's New York Times article about the day's events in Gaza. It stands out because the number of times you see details like this can be counted on the fingers of one hand (if that many):
In Jabaliya refugee camp, near Beit Lahiya, mourners gathered for the funeral of Shadi al-Sakani, 24, a swimming coach and member of the military wing of Hamas since the age of 18. He died in Atatrah on Thursday from the impact of an Israeli missile fired from a helicopter.

"He said, 'I'm leaving to fight, and I may not come back,' " said his uncle, Zaki al-Sakani, 55, speaking at a makeshift condolence tent near the mosque.

Shadi al-Sakani was married to Widad, who is pregnant with their third child. Mara, 3, is their daughter; Abdul Rahman, 2, their son. His older brother also fought for Hamas, but was wounded in the head a few years ago.
Yes, Palestinians are real people, with real lives and real families. How rarely are we reminded of that by the corporate media.

Time for some David Rovics:

On one side is the fighter jet
On the other side the stone
On one side is the slave
On the other is the throne
For the many there are checkpoints
While foreign soldiers rule the street
For one side there is victory
But the people don't accept defeat

The word you need to know is occupation
The very definition of a land without a nation
And if peace is what you're after then let us not deceive
It will come on the day the tanks return to Tel Aviv

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