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Saturday, July 01, 2006


A new low (?) for the Washington Post

When it comes to the corporate media, it's difficult to declare a "new low" since there's so much competition for the title, but I'll nominate this one, anyway. In an editorial today, the Washington Post supports/approves/justifies/excuses (you pick your word) the latest Israel attacks on the Palestinian people. That in itself isn't in the slightest surprising, and if that was the sum total of it, I wouldn't waste the electrons commenting on it.

No, what aroused my fingers to action was this, which was part of a list of allegedly "mild" and "restrained" actions taken by the Israelis:

Israel has disrupted power supplies for slightly more than a tenth of Gaza's population.
Every single news report, including the Post's own news story on the strike, asserted that the power plant which was destroyed supplied power to half the people of Gaza, not one-tenth. It isn't enough for the Post to support the Israelis, they have to lie to do it.

Not that it matters, of course. There are 1.4 million people in Gaza. "Just" a tenth of that would be 140,000 people made to suffer, and possibly die, as part of the collective punishment (i.e., war crime) being visited upon the Palestinians by the Israelis. Morally, or legally, there isn't the slightest difference between that and 700,000 people. But that doesn't stop the Post from trying to sway the minds of its readers into thinking this was just some trivial, barely noticeable action by the Israelis.

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