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Saturday, July 29, 2006


More Israeli mindset

Dion Nissenbaum interviews a soldier on the Israel-Lebanon border:
Rafael Ezra's artillery is pounding unseen targets miles away with blast after deafening blast. But the 21-year-old Israeli soldier isn't too concerned about whether the shells are killing civilians or Hezbollah fighters.

"Most of the people killed in Lebanon lived in Hezbollah neighborhoods," Ezra said while getting his hair shaved and listening to Arabic music as shells soared over a nearby hillside. "So I think they need to choose better where they live. People should know better."
There's one statement in the article I consider strange:
The latest conflict with Hezbollah has united Israel in a way that the fight against Palestinian militants never has. After two weeks of battles that have killed 33 Israeli soldiers, public support for the military action remains above 80 percent.
United Israel? Two weeks into a shooting war that most people believe was started by Hizbollah and that has killed some Israeli civilians and one-fifth of the country does not support the military action? I'd call that remarkable. I haven't seen any polls, but I wouldn't be surprised if the number of Americans who oppose what Israel is doing is lower than that. Of course, like the chickenhawks sending American soldiers off to die in Iraq, it's easy to support a war when someone else is doing the dying. Maybe that's why the people in the post below this one are out demonstrating; they understand that they might be the next ones sent off to die in a war against the people of Lebanon.

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