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Sunday, July 30, 2006


The latest chutzpah

I don't see it online anywhere, but CNN is now dutifully reporting Israel's explanation of its "mistake" in this week's murder of four U.N. observers: you see, they were using "old maps." Never mind that the U.N. post had been in the same place since 1978.

As for all those phone calls the U.N. observers made to Israel to tell them to stop the shelling and bombing? I guess they must have called a wrong number or something. CNN didn't ask the question. Of course, this is the same CNN who was also telling its viewers that the Qana massacre represented a "PR offensive" by Hizbollah rather than a war crime, with the strong implication that Hizbollah fighters had deliberately lured Israel into killing 60+ civilians in order to exploit their deaths. An implication which, while not quite as reprehensible as the actual act itself, is well up there.

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