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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Israel's war on Lebanon

I mentioned below the misleading graphics that appear in American newspapers, which make it appear that Israel is barely attacking Lebanon. From Lebanon Updates (via Lenin's Tomb), this is what a map showing the extent of Israel's war on the Lebanese people should look like (click for a larger view):

Every Israeli spokesperson swears up and down that they don't target civilians. Well, not every one:

"This is a terrorist institution, a terrorist organization that has to be debilitated and crippled as much as possible and that means its infrastructure, that means its television, its institutions," Army spokesman Capt. Jacob Dallal, told The Associated Press in Jerusalem.

"In the war on terror in general, it's not just about hitting an army base, which they don't have, or a bunker. It is also about undermining their ability to operate ... That ranges from incitement on television and radio, financial institutions and, of course, other grass-roots institutions that breed more followers, more terrorists, training bases, obviously, schools."
Heck, why not the hospitals too; new potential "terrorists" are being born there every day. I don't know if any hospitals have been directly hit yet (certainly we know that ambulances have), but here's a sampling of some of how Israel is "undermining [Hizballah's] ability to operate":
Shiite cleric Adel Akash, his wife and 10 children were asleep when an Israeli warplane fired a missile into their house on July 13. They were all killed.

A week later, an Israeli airstrike leveled the Shiite seminary where Akash taught. Only the dome of its mosque escaped damage and now sits atop a pile of rubble in the coastal city of Sidon.

Other non-military targets include a Hezbollah orphanage in the eastern city of Baalbek, offices that issue interest-free loans near Sidon, a school in the town of Nabatiyeh to the south and charity offices in the Dahiyah district south of Beirut.
I guess those are all those "not-quite-civilians" who Alan Dershowitz thinks it's fine to kill.

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