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Wednesday, July 26, 2006



Israel, with its nose bloodied, is scaling back the aims of its "non-invasion." Here's what they claim is their current objective:
Israel said it intends to damage Hezbollah and establish a "security zone" that would be free of the guerrillas and extend 1.2 miles into Lebanon from the Israeli border. Such a zone would prevent Hezbollah from carrying out cross-border raids such as the one two weeks ago which triggered the Israeli military response.
OK readers, help me out here. Before this started, there was action at the border (I know there is some dispute over which side of the border we're talking about, but I'd rather not get into that here) which resulted in two Israeli soldiers captured and others killed. Now Israel wants to establish a "security zone." And if they accomplish that? Israeli soldiers and Hizballah fighters will still be facing off against one another across a "border," only now that border will be 1.2 miles into Lebanon.

Does this make any sense whatsoever? Of course it doesn't.

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