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Sunday, July 23, 2006


History repeats itself

Sometimes in a good way:

Floyd Landis pulls on the Yellow (ok, gold) Jersey at the Tour of California, February, 2006

Congratulations to Floyd Landis on his incredible comeback, victorious today in the Tour de France.

And sometimes in a very bad way:

The destruction of Beirut, July, 2006

The number of Lebanese murdered by the Israeli assault now stands "officially" at 380, with a third of them under the age of 12. "Officially" is in quotes because there are certainly dozens if not hundreds buried in the rubble of buildings like the ones in this picture.

Incidentally, speaking of history, here's one way it's not repeating itself. Whenever Israel fires missiles at cars in Gaza, it always claims there were "suspected militants" in the car. But now they've dispensed completely with those pretexts for murder:

Israeli warplanes struck a minibus carrying people fleeing the fighting Sunday in southern Lebanon, killing three people.
The minibus was, naturally, carrying civilians fleeing Southern Lebanon after being told to do so by Israeli leaflets (the full story was told on KPFA this morning (not online) by a journalist who spoke with the survivors).

On the question of pretext, note this sentence:

Strikes in Baalbek leveled an agricultural compound belonging to Hezbollah and also targeted a factory producing prefabricated houses near the highway to Damascus.
What difference does it make if the agricultural compound belonged to Hezbollah, and if it does make a difference, why don't they tell us that the factory did not belong to Hezbollah, and offer some other pretext for its destruction? Because there is none, of course.

Update: Back to the good news. Just picked this up from First Draft:

We pick it up as Landis' cell phone begins ringing:

.... Reporter: Is that Bush?

.... Landis (laughing): I doubt it. I'll hang up.
Tee-hee. I still haven't forgiven Lance Armstrong for not responding to my request for him to tell George Bush to talk to Cindy Sheehan when he joined Bush on a mountain bike ride.

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