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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Headline of the Day

It's from a Prensa Latina article describing Israel's use of psychological warfare. Here's the headline:
Israel Launches Psycho War

Update: Long-time readers will hopefully have recognized that this post is not mean seriously. That is, I don't really think Israel's war is a "psycho" war. No, it's yet another manifestation of my classic "liberal vs. radical" definition: A liberal is someone who thinks that Israel's lashing out, demolishing hundreds of civilian targets, killing hundreds of civilians, and flagrantly defying international law is an irrational ("psycho") action in pursuit of a legitimate goal ("self-defense"). A radical is someone who realizes that it's a perfectly rational (albeit misguided and hopefully headed for failure) action in pursuit of a completely illegitimate goal (territorial expansion and the subjugation of the Arab people).

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