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Saturday, July 15, 2006


FOX News watch

I happened to catch a minute of a FOX News broadcast a little while ago. Quoting from memory, but not at all distorting, here's how the reporter (not commentator or other talking head, reporter) described today's news:
"Hezbollah rockets landed today in Tiberias, where Jesus worked many of his miracles."
They report, and evidently, they've already decided.

While we're on the religion beat, let me add one detail which I left out of my description of Thursday's demonstration. On one side of the street were those of us protesting Israel's assault on Gaza and Lebanon, a crowd consisting almost exclusively of Palestinians and hard-core leftists. On the other side of the street, a crowd of Israel supporters, consisting (as an educated guess) almost exclusively of Jews. And who was wading through these crowds? Three "Scientology Ministers" (with jackets identifying them as such), passing out literature. Could there have been a less receptive crowd? Well, perhaps they were hoping for one of those miracles.

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