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Saturday, July 22, 2006


First they came for...

...al-Manar TV. But no one objected because, after all, that was Hizballah's station. Then they came for LBC (which the Angry Arab says is the most pro-US, right-wing station in Lebanon), killing one journalist. But no one objected because...well, you know, if Israel did it it must have been part of their "defense." I'm guessing, because they haven't even bothered to offer a justification for this bombing, as they did with the previous one.

Not one journalist that I have seen reporting on either of these events has even blinked, much less expressed the slightest outrage at these actions. Both the right-wing Reporters without Borders and the more neutral Committee to Protect Journalists, whose entire existence is predicated on protecting press freedom, are, as of now, silent.

Update: This report (which is a bit undersourced; I'd like to see more) suggests that the last paragraph above is no longer true.

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