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Friday, July 21, 2006


Blaming Iran

Here's the lead sentence of an AP article today:
Iranian officials often say that places with the greatest troubles offer their country the best opportunities.
OK, if they "often" say that, we can expect at least one quote in the article which might back up that claim, can't we? If so, you'll be disappointed. Here are the sources for the article: "a professor of political studies at Tehran's Azadi University...Israel's U.N. ambassador...an expert on Hezbollah at the Georgetown Public Policy Institute in Washington...A hard-line [Iranian] parliament member...Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert...Tehran-based political analyst...A Hezbollah aid coordinator in Iran... an Iranian Hezbollah official." Not an "Iranian official" among them, not even quoted anonymously (all the sources above are named sources).

And of the sources above who aren't "Iranian officials," not one makes any statement that can be remotely interpreted as supporting the opening thesis. The "Iranian Hezbollah official," who might be the closest to an "Iranian official" in the list, merely says that "up to 2,000 fighters are ready to travel to Lebanon if asked by Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei."

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