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Thursday, July 06, 2006


The agents get more provocateur

Those FBI agents provocateurs in Miami? I wrote on June 24:
News reports of the incident all refer to how "the group had been infiltrated by a government informant." "Informant" is the media's word. I'm giving even odds that the correct term is agent provocateur, and that the first one to mention the words "Sears Tower" or "ammonium nitrate" was he.
And, whaddya know?
Earlier in the day [during a bail hearing], the FBI admitted that two people working for the agency planted the idea of blowing up government buildings, including an FBI office in Miami, with members of an alleged South Florida terror group known as the Liberty City 7.
That information, incidentally, comes from local TV coverage of the bail hearing. Reuters and AP both use language like "their attorneys said the defendants were manipulated by paid FBI informants," without giving the reader a clue that the FBI had admitted as much.

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