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Saturday, June 03, 2006


The liberal media

The Washington Post actually lives up to its completely undeserved reputation today, with one front page story on the Cuban Five, a subject covered frequently here at Left I on the News, and another front-page article on Iranian President Ahmadinejad and his popularity with the Iranian people, quoting one Iranian as saying ""The main emphasis of his speech is that he's going to raise up the people who have been deprived of a good life. His main point is he's going to bring a balance between people who have a lot of money and the poor. He's going to give them opportunity. This was the point people loved very much."

Update: Ah, but then they "redeem" themselves with yet another front-page article entitled "White House Opens Door To Dissenters." And who are those "dissenters"? Cindy Sheehan, perhaps? Ray McGovern? Scott Ritter? Medea Benjamin? Hahahahahahaha. You kidder, you. No, it's a retired General (Barry McCaffrey) who, according to Wikipedia, "in June of 2005, ... surveyed Iraq on behalf of U.S. Central Command and wrote an optimistic report afterwards. In it, he says the U.S. senior military leadership team is superb and predicts the insurgency will reach its peak from January-to-September 2006, allowing for U.S. force withdrawals in the late summer of 2006." And it's a Wall Street CEO (Henry M. Paulson Jr.) who actually has the audacity to think global warming is a reality, and a right-wing commentator (Tony Snow) who criticizes Bush from the right.

"Dissent" in America.

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