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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


In your face Quote of the Day

"Today is a particularly symbolic day. Cuba is a founding member of the Human Rights Council and the United States is not. Cuba was elected with the overwhelming support of 135 countries, more than two-thirds of the United Nations General Assembly, while the United States did not even dare to run as a candidate. Cuba relied on the secret vote for the same reasons that the United States was afraid of it.

"Cuba’s election epitomizes the victory of principles and truth; it stands as recognition of the value of our resilience. The absence of the United States is the defeat of lies; it is the moral punishment for the haughtiness of an empire."

- speech by Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque to the opening session of the new U.N. Human Rights Council
Perez Roque continued to talk about Cuba's intentions on the council:
"Cuba can be counted upon to fight for truth and transparency, to defend the right to independence, to self-determination, to social justice, to equality. And also to defend the right to food, to education, to health, to dignity, the right to a dignified life.

"Cuba can be counted upon to defend real democracy, true participation and the real enjoyment of all human rights.

"Cuba’s cooperation cannot be counted upon to relinquish a single principle. Cuba will always be counted upon to uphold the noble ideal of building a better world for all."
In your face, John Bolton, George Bush, & Co.!

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