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Thursday, June 01, 2006


The human face of Israeli "justice" in Gaza

Two weeks ago I wrote about the tragic story of Mariyah Amin and her family, some killed, others like Mariyah paralyzed for life by an Israeli "targeted assassination" on a crowded street in Gaza. That first story was courtesy of BBC. At the time, and to this day, the name of Mariyah Amin has not appeared in a single American newspaper. The ability, and willingness, of the American press to hide the truth about Israeli brutality from the American public is remarkable.

In today's Ha'aretz (hat tip to Cursor), however, Gideon Levy explores in detail the fate of the Amin family. Among the powerful descriptions of the family, which deserve to be read in full and not excerpted, there were a few other tidbits that I'll repeat here. First, this:

This is what happens when one assassinates from the air, not even a "ticking bomb" - no one talks about "ticking bombs" any more - only a wanted Jihad man who was on his way to the hospital to visit his wife, who had just given birth.
Yes, remember those quaint old days when Israel pretended its assassinations were only meant for "ticking bombs"?

And, remarkably, given the detail that Levy provides about the victims, this:

Ten days after the attack, the IDF spokesperson is still wondering if any civilian was killed in the operation: "On Saturday, May 20, the IDF attacked, from the air, a car in which Mohammed Dahdouh, a senior activist in Islamic Jihad, who was involved in elevated-trajectory firing and additional terror operations against Israel, was traveling. The IDF continues to investigate in order to check the report that three Palestinians were killed as a result of the attack on Dahdouh's car."
Wouldn't want to rush that investigation.

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