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Monday, June 05, 2006


Further reading on (from) Iran

I still haven't found the text of Hugo Chavez's interesting speech from last Thursday, and Juan Cole makes a similar point today with respect to a recent speech by Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Corporate media were quick to inform the world about the Iranian "threat" to the world's oil supplies should they be attacked, although the "should they be attacked" part was mentioned, if at all, with a much softer voice. But actually reading the entirety of what Khamenei (or Chavez) had to say is no easy task for the average person.

But here's the thing I didn't know -- according to Cole, the U.S. government has something called the Open Source Center whose task it is to translate such primary texts. Cole writes "They are, however, not made freely available, though you can get them via university and maybe other good libraries." Which evidently includes Cole, since he provides us with the text of this very interesting speech (you can often get similar material from primary sources, such as the Islamic Republic News Agency, although I couldn't find this particular speech there).

There's too much to excerpt in the speech, but I will pull out just one sentence which goes straight to the heart of the "nuclear issue":

"To say that no country has the right to have access to nuclear technology means that in 20 years' time, all of the countries of the world will have to beg certain Western or European countries to meet their energy demands. They will have to beg for energy in order to run their lives. Which country, nation, or honest official is ready to take that?"

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