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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Four little words, one big lie

"What it says is." Those are the four words, stuck in the middle of this sentence in a New York Times article on George Bush's latest "warning" to Iran:
The prospect of a deal hinges on Iran's willingness to drop what it says is its sovereign right to develop nuclear power sources.
Can the Times name a single credible source ("credible" excludes the flat-earth, global warming is fiction crowd) which asserts that Iran does not have a sovereign right to develop nuclear power? Can it cite a single line from the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty or any other international treaty or law which would justify such a conclusion? Of course it can't. But by including that "what it says is," the Times does its part to sow doubt in the minds of Americans, and to boost support for American threats (and potential war) against another country. It doesn't take much. Just four little words.

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