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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


The Democratic "exit strategy," part II

Medea Benjamin summarizes recent developments from the Iraqi government, in which the President, Vice-President, and National Security Adviser have all called for a concrete timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. and British troops from their country, to be largely finished by the end of 2007. What's interesting about this, in relation to the recent Democratic proposals, is two-fold. One is that, in comparison to the Levin-Reed-Salazar plan, at least, the Iraqis are calling for a more aggressive plan for withdrawal than the Democrats (and that's the "left" Democrats; most of the Democrats, including such Presidential contenders as Clinton and Biden, don't even support the mild Levin plan, much less the slightly more aggressive Kerry plan). But the second is, I think, more significant. From what I heard from Levin et al. and Kerry et al., none of them even bothered to mention what the Iraqis want. It was all about us (or perhaps I should say "them,"), and how "we" had to force the Iraqis to take responsibility. What the Iraqis themselves are calling for wasn't of interest.

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