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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Culture shock

I've spent the last week in New Jersey, a lot of that time driving around running errands. In that entire week I have not seen a single Starbucks (or equivalent). I'm not disappointed, or suggesting this is a bad thing, I'm just utterly amazed. There are four within a mile of where I live, plus a Peet's and an independent. Also in the last week, I didn't see a single Prius or other hybrid car until today, when I finally saw two. I see more than that just driving down the street where I live!

Other people might experience a third aspect of culture shock visiting New Jersey -- having someone else put gas in your car. Since I grew up in New Jersey, that's something I'm used to. And previous trips to the East Coast have made me aware of how much further behind California they are as far as hybrids. But the lack of Starbucks, that was a shock!

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