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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


The Venezuelan method of "taking advantage"

The Washington Post has a very interesting article about what's going on at the three-year-old Bolivarian University of Venezuela. I'd call it quite a favorable article, but there is one amusing negative quote near the top:
The government's political opposition, a group increasingly relegated to the sidelines of Venezuelan public life, sees the university as a thinly disguised propaganda factory that takes advantage of the country's most vulnerable citizens.
And just what form does that "taking advantage" take? The university is free, everyone is admitted, and thousands of students, of whom "the vast majority...grew up in poverty" and couldn't previously afford college, are being trained as physicians to staff free public health clinics, social workers for neighborhood literacy centers, and "journalists whom the government believes are necessary alternatives to an opposition-controlled national media."

Somehow I suspect there are plenty of people growing up in poverty in the United States (not to mention in practically every other country in the world) would just love to be "taken advantage of" like that.

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