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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


The trial of Saddam Hussein

I've raised questions about the extent of the razing of the orchards in Dujail, I've noted the irony of trying Saddam Hussein and the others for the arrest, trial, and execution of 148 people for an actual assassination attempt when many people think one of the reasons George Bush wanted to invade Iraq (with the resulting death of more than a hundred thousand people without benefit of trial) was to avenge the arguably non-existent assassination attempt on his father, and many people have taken note of the fact that the reason this particular case was chosen to start the string of trials was to convict and execute Saddam Hussein and eliminate the need for trials on other alleged crimes which might expose "inconvenient" facts about the collaboration of the United States in those crimes.

But even I didn't expect it was this bad:

Defense witnesses in Saddam Hussein's trial over the killings of Iraqi Shiite villagers claimed many of those allegedly executed were still alive and said the prosecution case was built on bribes.
Of course these witnesses aren't necessarily telling the truth. But if they are, it would be a pretty interesting demonstration of either the chutzpah or the incompetence (or both) of the prosecution, a prosecution which has an Iraqi face but an American core underneath it.

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