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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Silent murder in Darfur and Palestine

I wrote last week about the silent, quite intentional murder being carried out in Darfur...by the U.N.:
Just two days ago, a major story emerged: because of the lack of a few hundred million dollars, the U.N. is cutting in half the food rations of the people in Darfur.
And today, we are reminded that the same sort of silent, quite intentional murder is going on in Palestine:
The death of four residents in the Gaza Strip signals that the Palestine health system is about to collapse, said the Israeli organization Doctors for Human Rights.

The DHR blames the US, the EU and Israel for the freezing of Palestinian National Authority funds since March, adding that the health network collapse means a short-term death for thousands.

Cancer patients cut off from chemotherapy since April will suffer the most although vaccine, lab reagents and medical acquisitions are limited along with emergency services, added the DHR.

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