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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Political humor of the day

A few days ago, we were watching one of several ceremonies they held after naming the new prime minister. Talbani stood in front of various politicians in a large room in the Green Zone and said, rather brazenly, that Iraq would not stand any ‘tadakhul’ or meddling by neighboring countries because Iraq was a ‘sovereign country free of foreign influence’. The cousin almost fainted from laughter and E. was wiping his eyes and gasping for air… as Talbani pompously made his statement- all big belly and grins- smiling back at him was a group of American army commanders or generals and to his left was Khalilzad, patting him fondly on the arm and gazing at him like a father looking at his first-born!

- Riverbend, author of the Baghdad Burning blog
On a more serious note, I've discussed here my skepticism that, despite all the talk, there was really a serious liklihood of the U.S. attacking Iran (in the near future, anyway). Here's River's take (which follows on her discussion of the extent of Iranian influence in Iraq):
The big question is -- what will the US do about Iran? There are the hints of the possibility of bombings, etc. While I hate the Iranian government, the people don’t deserve the chaos and damage of air strikes and war. I don’t really worry about that though, because if you live in Iraq -- you know America’s hands are tied. Just as soon as Washington makes a move against Tehran, American troops inside Iraq will come under attack. It’s that simple -- Washington has big guns and planes… But Iran has 150,000 American hostages.

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