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Friday, May 05, 2006


Old lies and new

While the world is given a brief reminder of Donald Rumsfeld's past lies (and while he spouts new ones by denying his past statements), U.N. Ambassador John Bolton was off spouting dangerous new ones:
"The key to this lies in Iran's hands. If they give up the pursuit of nuclear weapons a lot of things are possible."
I doubt I have to remind our readers that Iran says (and there is no significant evidence to the contrary) that is is not engaged in the "pursuit of nuclear weapons," making it rather difficult for them to give it up.

As per the usual way things go these days, the reporters questioning him during his press conference didn't bother with any followup questions to challenge this false claim. Nor did BBC World News, where I saw the film, follow it with even a ritual "Iran says it has no desire for nuclear weapons" disclaimer. Good job, media. [Note to readers: that's irony (or sarcasm, if you prefer) :-) ]

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