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Thursday, May 25, 2006


More "bad" birdwatching

Continuing yesterday's theme, I offer this short film (actually a series of still photos, not a real film):

This series of photos spans a full two minutes (compressed in the film to one minute) in the life of a Western Gull, and my life as well, filmed at Moss Landing State Beach in Moss Landing, California. It was a fascinating two minutes. The gull had a small fish in its mouth. I don't know if this gull was uncoordinated, or if this fish was just too big for a gull. It didn't look that big. But for at least two minutes (I left; the gull was still going strong!), the gull picks up the fish, drops it, tries to swallow it, drops it, picks it up, drops it, and on and on. Curiously enougly, neither the other gull who appears in some of the pictures, nor the Brant (small geese with a white neck line) ever attempted to steal the fish from the gull. There were some close approaches, but none ever came close to an attempted theft.

Incidentally, there was a soundtrack on the movie I made, but for some reason it doesn't play when I watch the video as I uploaded it to YouTube. Not sure why. No matter, it was just some simple music overlaid on the photos.

Bad birdwatching. A nice relief from the stress of daily life and politics.

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