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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


May 1 picture roundup and revision of march totals

Perhaps you saw one picture in your paper. Perhaps two. Perhaps one or two on the TV. Izquierda PuntoInfo, a site out of Argentina, has gathered them all onto one page (captions labelling the pictures would have been nice). Just keep scrolling down and let the impression keep building.

In another article, the same site claims (unfortunately for myself and most of my readers, totally in Spanish) that six or seven million people stayed off work on Monday and that not one (the figure I have quoted here) but three million people marched nationwide. Unfortunately there is no table or listing of the raw data, but in a private email to me, here's the editor's description of the methodology they used: "Twenty five people, taking two states each and going through every single piece of local info like local newspapers, radios with URLs, etc." No doubt they took the highest possible estimates in each case, but since we know the corporate media also print the lowest possible estimates, I'm certainly not going to argue. As far as I know, no U.S. source (e.g., AP) made this kind of effort, so until proven otherwise I'll take three million as the best estimate.

Elaborating just a bit with additional numbers:

Mas de 3 millones de inmigrantes, trabajadores y jóvenes, mayoritariamente Latinos, marcharon en cerca de 100 ciudades en los 50 estados del país. Alrededor de 100,000 empresas y negocios paralizaron sus tareas en solidaridad con la causa de los inmigrantes o sencillamente porque sus trabajadores no se presentaron a trabajar.

Mas de 400.000 estudiantes de secundarias y universidades de todo el país suspendieron sus estudios por el día y se unieron a las manifestaciones de masas.
If you don't know enough Spanish, I'll cut to the details -- more than 3 million marchers in around 100 cities in the 50 states, around 100,000 businesses shut and more than 400,000 students out of class.

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