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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Lightening the mood

In an attempt to avoid a continuous string of news of death and destruction, here's another one of my vacation photos:

Killdeer, photographed at Carmel River State Beach

Actually the most interesting thing about this picture is something you really can't see--there are two Killdeer in this picture, the parent (could be male or female, appearance and behavior pretty much indistinguishable) and a tiny chick, which only became apparent when they both stood up and walked around. The chick is visible in a small "hole" in the sticks, in a box below the parent formed by two light-colored thin sticks (top and left) and two darker larger sticks (bottom and right), where you can see a black-white--gray pattern which is the chick's face.

Anyway, one of my favorite birds, partly because they're so easy to identify for a birder of decidedly modest abilities like myself, thanks to their distinctive markings (and sounds). And, I thought, a fairly nicely-composed shot. Enjoy. We'll be back to the death and destruction soon enough. Come to think of it, "Killdeer" isn't exactly a peaceful name, is it?

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