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Saturday, May 06, 2006


The liberal media

On Monday, 125,000 people (that's the revised police estimate, up from 100,000, so the actual number may well have been even larger) rallied in San Jose for immigrant rights. On Tuesday, the San Jose Mercury News gave the rally major front-page coverage, as befits the largest demonstration ever held (by probably an order of magnitude) in San Jose, although even on Tuesday, the coverage also discussed the "backlash" to the rally. On Wednesday, the Mercury News ran a major (1000-word) article headlined "Amnesty foes respond," announcing anti-amnesty rallies planned for Friday and Saturday, complete with a sidebar giving complete details of the planned rally.

Yesterday, the first of those rallies was held. An estimated 100 people showed up. So how did the Mercury News cover that minor event? By giving it front-page coverage, including a picture on the front page and two large ones on the inside continuation, where the article occupied more than half an additional page. Man, don't I wish every demonstration I had ever gone to of 100, or even of 1000, could get any coverage at all, nevertheless front-page coverage with three photos.

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