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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Jewish attitudes towards women

Most Americans, with a picture of "modern," generally Reform Jews in mind, undoubtedly think that Jewish attitudes towards women are entirely progressive, and when they think about religions that oppress women and consider them second-class (or worse) citizens, they think about Muslims and their chador-clad women. Here, with a hat tip to the Angry Arab, is another part of the picture:
Two major rabbinic figures will be travelling to the U.S. on Sunday aboard El Al Airlines, who have made special arrangements to cater to the rabbis' needs.

In accordance with arrangements made for the two men, the plane will have no female flight attendants. The rabbis bought out all the first class tickets in order to avoid seeing businesswomen on the flight. Only men will care for the passengers.
My favorite word in the article? "Needs." Needs! Not "preferences," or "wishes" (nevertheless "prejudices" or "sexist beliefs"). Needs!

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