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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Homeland Security Advisor: "George Bush should resign!"

OK, I may have put those words in her mouth. Here's what Homeland Security Advisor Fran Townsend did say today while responding to a question about a possible bird flu epidemic: "In a national crisis, the President of the United States is in charge."

On 9/11, two of the largest cities in the country, New York and Washington, were attacked. Nearly 3000 people were killed. George Bush...continued reading My Pet Goat to schoolchildren, then ran the other way. Last year another major city, New Orleans, along with the rest of the Gulf Coast, was attacked by Hurricane Katrina. More than 1600 people were killed. George Bush...spent the next two days giving political speeches and indulging in frivolities.

Ms. Townsend's statement is certainly correct; the President is, or should be, in charge in a national crisis. Clearly, based on past performance, George Bush is completely incapable of fulfilling that role. There's only one logical conclusion...he should resign. Now.

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