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Friday, May 12, 2006


Euphemism of the day

Over lunch I was watching C-SPAN, listening to a press conference by Lt. Gen. Robert Fry, British Deputy Commander of the MultiNational Forces in Iraq. Gosh it makes me embarrassed to be an American every time I hear someone from England (or most other countries) speak. But I digress. Fry's ability to actually speak, and answer questions without evasion, didn't prevent him from uttering this gem:
"There's been a three-year period since our entry into Iraq."
Some might go for the cheap sexual joke here, but not me. The rape of Iraq by the "MNF" has been far too deadly to be a joke. "Entry" indeed. As the sign said in the post below: "Wanted for Illegally Crossing Borders: The Bush Regime". With a bigger sign, the words "and Blair and Howard" would certainly have been appropriate.

Fry also used another delightful phrase, which we first heard in what I thought was a Freudian slip from Scott McClellan last October, referring to "standing up" the Iraqi government. Not to the Iraqi government "standing up," mind you, but the other way around. As then, this scene of the fictional town of Rock Ridge comes to mind:

And, as another not so amusing side note, in that post from last October, I asked this question: "Has anyone else noticed that there are now allegedly 200,000 Iraqi troops 'standing up,' and not a single American soldier (not one!) has been 'stood down' as a result?" I didn't have the VCR going, but if memory serves, the figure quoted by Lt. Gen. Fry today was 130,000 Iraqi troops. At that rate, troops will indeed be out of Iraq by 2007...the Iraqi troops.

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