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Sunday, April 23, 2006


Words kill

It's just one two-letter word misused; in an article about the price of gasoline, we find this:
Crude-oil prices reached a new record of $75 a barrel Friday, driven by nuclear gamesmanship in Iran, continued violence in Iraq, the war of words between Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and U.S. officials, and Nigerian rebel attacks on the African nation's oil pipelines.
But there is no "nuclear gamesmanship" in Iran; what there is is a nuclear (and conventional and economic) threat against Iran. Iran is not "playing games" when it insists on its right as a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (or as a non-signatory, for that matter) to develop nuclear power for its country; it is exercising its rights as a sovereign nation. The one who is "playing games," and threatening to do much, much worse, is the United States, assisted by its "allies" (lackeys) around the world. And it subtle clues like these ("nuclear gamesmanship in Iran") which help condition the American people to the "righteousness" of an attack on Iran.

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