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Sunday, April 23, 2006


Photo of the Day

Brown Creeper

The Brown Creeper is not an uncommon bird, but one which very few "non-birders" are ever likely to see, for reasons which are obvious if you look at the picture above, which I took yesterday during my annual "Birdathon." Small (5"), extremely well-camouflaged, generally silent, and always seen alone, you really have to be looking for them to see them, even though they can be seen in perfectly ordinary places (this one was photographed in the picnic area of a local park).

The team I was part of saw 55 different species of birds, which, considering that we were walking, and did no driving at all (unlike the "serious" birdathon teams intent on seeing 200 or so species), wasn't bad at all.

Looking for politics? Well, like many bird species, the Brown Creeper is threatened by habitat loss. And appreciating what the world has to offer now really helps to strengthen one's resolve to work to see that it isn't lost forever, and to fight for a world in which everyone can appreciate its beauty.

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