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Friday, April 28, 2006


The oil...crisis?

You've gotta' love the media. Gasoline prices are skyrocketing and what is the cover story on this week's Life Magazine? "Perfect Weekend Drives" that you can do "on a single tank of gas." Lovely. Here are the mileages of those "single tank" trips they're encouraging their readers to take: 240, 470 (!), 180, 280, 310, 390, 250, 330, 170. But that's not enough for Life, oh no. The second main article in the issue is "Why I Love My RV, by Jeff Daniels." Life Magazine, single-handedly doing their part to exacerbate the oil crisis.

Life isn't something you buy; it comes in your paper, in my case the San Jose Mercury News. And what is on the front page of that paper today, in the same issue containing the Life Magazine? An article celebrating the "longest commute in the U.S." -- a man who commutes 372 miles round-trip five days a week (and who won $10,000 as a result). The article has lots of sentences about how he finds the drive "exhilirating" and the trade-off (living in the country vs. having to commute that far) "decent." Here's a sentence it doesn't include: how much gasoline he manages to burn during the course of a year, and how much pollution he contributes to the atmosphere as a result.

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