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Sunday, April 30, 2006


Media coverage of the Bush/Colbert show

There's been a rather interesting followup to the White House Correspondent's Dinner (see post below). I have seen multiple times, on multiple channels, clips of the George Bush/Steve Bridges tandem "double-W" performance, which was funny, certainly. I have seen no clips, none, of Stephen Colbert's performance. And it's not as if Colbert's bits all had long-setups. Some did, but there were plenty of one-liners that were "clip-worthy" (e.g., the one cited below about the President's constant beliefs, facts be damned).

I'm not going to the trouble of providing links, but in a variety of print coverage I've seen, virtually all of it has also dwelt either exclusively or predominantly on the Bush duo bit, although that was much shorter than Colbert's routine. The press simply doesn't want to touch that Colbert material with a ten-foot pole. USA Today was practically the only paper I looked at that had extensive coverage of Colbert's routine, but even there it was subordinated to the Bush routine, and ended with this curious sentence: "He then showed a clip in which he fielded questions by the press corps, only to wind up running from the building chased by veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas." Notice anything missing? Like the word "Iraq"? Which was, after all, the entire point of that bit.

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