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Sunday, April 23, 2006


Liberal warmongering quote of the day

"Just the fact that the Iranian government is making a lot of noise doesn't prove their capability. Remember, the Iraqi government made a lot of noise, and they had nothing."

- Democratic Rep. Jane Harmon
This is the "argument" from a person who claims to be arguing against taking military action against Iran, someone who is on the House Intelligence [sic] Committee. Wouldn't you think that someone who is on the "Intelligence" Committee would know that the "noise" that the Iraqi government made was to deny (accurately) that it had any WMD, and that the "noise" the Iranian government is making is to deny that it has any intention of making nuclear weapons? To hear this "opponent" of military action speak, you would think the exact opposite, wouldn't you?

Update: Joining right in to the chorus of lies, Tony Blair, who says that "Nobody is talking about military invasion" (a patent falsehood in and of itself), then adds to the pressure for such an invasion by claiming "Iran...is in breach of its nuclear obligations." No, Tony, that's you and your American allies who are in breach of the NPT; Iran is in complete compliance with that treaty.

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