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Friday, April 21, 2006


Contrasting protests

Yesterday a Falun Gong supporter was allowed to scream at President Hu Jintao for what was reported to be two full minutes (it was probably less), on the grounds of the White House no less. When's the last time any protestor was allowed to scream at President Bush for more than two seconds before being dragged off?

Today I and a thousand or two others will be out protesting Bush's visit to San Jose. We can scream for as long as we like, and Bush won't even hear us, because we'll be in the "not-so 'free speech' zone" talking basically to each other (and to the public, to the extent that the media allows us to), while he's kept at a comfortable distance from us. "Comfortable" in the sense that his poor brain won't have to be disturbed with the thought that there are actually people who not only disagree with him, but think he's a war criminal responsible for the death of more than a hundred thousand people.

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