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Saturday, April 22, 2006


Bush's trip to California

The Washington Post, in a 640-word article, didn't manage to include one about the protests that greeted Bush. But that wasn't enough inaccuracy (yes, inaccuracy; errors of omission constitute an inaccurate portrayal of events) for Jim VanderHei and the Post. Here's how the story ends:
Bush traveled Friday night to Stanford University, where he met privately with members of the libertarian Hoover Institution to discuss the war. He concluded the day with a private dinner held by George P. Shultz, a Hoover fellow and former secretary of state. Bush will have lunch Sunday with Marine Corps and Navy families.
First of all, the "libertarian" Hoover Institution? How about the "notoriously right-wing Hoover Institution"? Second of all, how can you write about Bush meeting with members of the Hoover Institution and not mention that that meeting was supposed to take place at the Hoover Institution itself, but had to be moved to George Shultz's house because protesters were surrounding Hoover and Bush couldn't get there? Isn't that more newsworthy than mentioning a private meeting about which we know nothing other than that it occured? And finally, note how VanderHei skips from Bush's Friday to his Sunday lunch with military families. What happened to his Saturday stay at a pricey resort (check it out yourself - suites up to $3925/night, and Bush, or perhaps our tax dollars, rented the entire resort, all 85 rooms worth)? Why is VanderHei hiding that little detail from his readers? Does it detract from that "Bush the common man" image?

The New York Times, to its credit, actually led with the cancelled visit to the Hoover Institution.

And, just for fun (or disgust, as you prefer):

"What the f--- do I know about science and technology?
I'm as dumb as a post."

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