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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


The "best" of the Democrats

A lot of progressives view Sen. Russ Feingold as the "best" of the Democrats. He talks tough, and was the one who introduced a resolution of censure against George Bush. So what does this "progressive" have to say about Iran? Here's what he said to a group of bloggers at a lunch in Los Angeles, as reported by one of them, R.J. Eskow:
"We must never take any option off the table, because the danger is real. But we need to make every effort to negotiate, and it doesn't look like that's being done."
Really? Never take any option off the table? Even using nuclear weapons, or violating international law by launching an unprovoked war of aggression? How about kidnapping Ayatollah Khamenei and torturing him until President Ahmadinejad agrees to destroy all nuclear facilities in Iran? Could we at least take that option off the table?

With "progressives" like this, hyping the "danger" of Iran and refusing to "take any option off the table," why worry about FOX News and the right wing?

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